Soma}News – March/April – Part 1

May 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

A round-up of soma-related emotion research and connections to facial expression, pain management, body in space and technology. Plus two upsides of sadness.

OLED displays show images of eyes that reflect engagement and emotion.

Facial Expression

The “eyes” will track and follow the person being spoken to, giving the illusion of attention. The wearer can be looking elsewhere, or have their eyes closed.

Emotional Cyborg: these new glasses show emotion so you don’t have to. It’s striking how emotion is perceived mainly as in the eyes for Asian culture. A western one is being developed for the mouth area.This video is worth a watch, for comedy value... and more here. 

Facial appearance and expression effect perception of intelligence. Why my square-chinned younger sister is more clever than she looks.


Pain Management: visualising a safe place reduces procedural pain “Patients told us that visualising their own safe place during the procedure made them feel involved and helped them cope with pain and anxiety. Before the intervention patients were anxious and afraid of being on the operating table for a long time but afterwards they said visualisation had made it seem short and that it was a positive and pleasant experience.” – Mrs Nørgaard

The Body in Space



via Brainpickings, Science Daily, Spring, Nature Neuroscience, MIT, Aeon, BBC News, The Verge, bygonebureau.


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