Soma}News – Issue 5

November 10, 2014 § Leave a comment

Soma-related emotion news from Sept/Oct 2014. Connections to art, tech, memory, smell, touch, memory, pain and more…

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“What sex and birth look like through an MRI machine” is a collection of Magnetic Resonance Imagery. Beautiful and captivating. (NSFW)

Recently I’ve been doing contemporary dance classes with Inma Pavon: reconnecting to body and testing the lines of my somatic neural pathways: i.e. remembering sequences of moves is always something I have been a little slow with, despite loving to dance. Have you seen this graphic novel version of Ken Robinson’s TED talk? It features some great points about dance in education. Had a fascinating discussion with composer John O’Brien (no relation) about professional musicians who are pitch perfect; we wondered if there is a direct parallel with colour perception for artists/designers? A previous issue of Soma}News featured the real-life Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: well here is an in-depth exploration of this from Philip Ball at The Guardian.

Geographic smell maps by Kate McLean, an Information Experience Designer

Smell / Taste / Touch


Roopa Vasudevan 3D prints grillz using algorithms generated from hip-hop songs

Tech / Haptics

Pain, suffering, and solitude –but an heroic strength: Tracey Emin’s new show

Pain / Depression

Perception / Experience

Scott Chasserot shows how brain scans can reveal our ideal self-image

The Bigger Picture

 Anything I missed? Leave a comment!

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