Soma}News – Issue 6

January 31, 2015 § Leave a comment

Soma-related emotion news from Nov/Dec 2014. Connections to art, tech, memory, smell, touch, memory, pain and more…

People with disabilities empowered through mind-generated art: Jody Xiong.

“Chinese artist jody xiong has collaborated with 16 handicapped people — recruited via social media — in the artistic and technological realisation of the ‘mind art’ installation.” Design Boom

 How Metaphors Make Us Fall in Love With Designs 

Smell / Taste / Touch

Lesia Trubat’s ballet shoes electronically trace the movements of dancers


Stills from Lucy McRae’s short film MAKE YOUR MAKER

Tech / Haptics

Pain / Depression

Perception / Experience

The Bigger Picture

 Anything I missed? Leave a comment!

via ScienceDaily, DesignBoom, ButDoesItFloat, MedicalNewsToday, Icon, The Daily Dot,


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