Stepping into the ‘Real’ Work

September 12, 2016 § Leave a comment


Turbulent life changes bring reflection. I had to leave home (a beautiful rented house and friend-renters) by December 27th. Plans crystallised over the in-between days.

Conversations with friends are vital. One with an architect starting her PhD was memorable.‘My work is drifting… I need a focus. There’s this project I’ve been ignoring…’  She wondered ‘So why aren’t you doing the Real Work?’*

That’s it’ I decided, ‘2016 is make or break year’.  The previous 10 years I had received so many supportive and interesting offers, interviews, conversations and emails from around the world. I had a responsibility to myself and others to continue.

Emotionally}Vague has to go digital and scale.

There comes a point when inertia becomes unbearable and I was ready to spend savings. With help from Dr. Therese Charles a spec was written. I passed it to an Irish developer in Berlin that I met at the School of Machines a while back. He’s been doing an amazing job lately but more on that later.

I’m still freaked out to be fair but the feeling of action is empowering. Things are moving.

stop waiting for the knight-in-shining-funding,
go write your own story!

*I consider all my other work very real! So the phrase ‘Real’ Work could be better described as soul-work or a passion project.


Teaser image. More soon…











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