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November 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yesterday I had a wonderful chat with Dan Suwyn from the Rapid Change Group about how Emotionally}Vague results could be useful in their workshop contexts. He had fascinating examples of how current knowledge is used in down-to-earth ways with people adapting to change in organisational contexts.  The Rapid Change blog is straight-up on matters around emotional intelligence, brain science and how current cognitive research can be applied in real ways – useful for business and education. Dan has just written some succinct reviews of the PopTech presentations. Check out “What’s an Analogy for Being Wrong?”, “What exactly is being Brain Dead?”,  “Four Questions for When Things go Wrong”,  “Verb, Target, Outcome” and “The Illusion of Attention” You can probably see the theme running through this year’s conference: Brilliant Accidents, Necessary Failures, Improbable Breakthroughs. And you can catch a review of the E}V talk here too.

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